Helping combat the rising cost of living to keep in touch with the world

  For 25 years we have delivered unlimited data and will continue to do so, (not always available from other providers including some 4G or 5G packages, even with a good signal), sometimes if the cell site is busy your service could slow down, that is rare on fibre, however always ensure your WiFi coverage is good throughout the property, ask us to advise  

Call 01803500009 or WhatsApp (Messages Only) 07538322555 email to place an order

Minimum contract twelve months, rolling monthly thereafter, no credit checks required as we bill in advance

You can choose to use your own cable compatible router (PPPoE) or mesh system such as Deco P9

There are no guarantees of WiFi coverage or speed obtained over wireless in any property, WiFi is just a convenient way to connect to your router and the internet, cable will always be the best

On order we will take the setup fee, router fee (if applicable) and the first month rental, in advance by Credit Card or Paypal, further rental payments will be taken by direct debit at monthly intervals

Your service could be suspended seven days after a payment fails to reach us on time

VoIP lines and numbers £12.50 monthly

VoIP includes free calls to 01,02,03,04 UK Mobiles

International calls from 1P per minute

Residential prices are inclusive of VAT

Business connections

Businesses require the very best in connectivity and once you are on our fibre network you can select the right speeds for your business from 10 Mbps to 100 Gbps. We specialise in providing superfast unlimited data connections to business in the city and rural locations. Offering support 365 day a year 24/7, business packages start at £30 p/m +VAT

Delevopers and planners

Allow us to plan and provide the fibre ducting to your new development. We will conduct the bottom-up due diligence needed for us to deliver the end to end activation of services, including all planning and engineering. We will also manage and remotely monitor to ensure maximum effectiveness whilst providing an excellent customer experience. Ask us about the equity share opportunity for ongoing connections.

mobile internet for events

Redraw Internet have supported many events and festivals, which will continue again as normaility returns. Perhaps you require connectivity at a construction site or require a temporary powerful link as we did for BBC's Springwatch.Redraw are suppliers of robust solutions for many events of any size. We can enable Wi-Fi & Telephones to CCTV & Ticket Scanning. Get in touch for more information.

Rural community action

Are you part of a community that feels forgotten by the internet giants? If we don't already cover you area then lets get your community together to provide a solution. Redraw brings superfast broadband to homes, business and industry in rural and hard to reach locations, and specialises in community broadband projects. We have the technology...

Failsafe / Damage recovery

Don't get caught with your ISP down! The interruption of mission critical processes can be a costly affair and perhaps you simply can't afford to take that risk. Insure your business from any unexpected outages, microwave back up will seamlessly activate, or at least only a minimal delay to ensure your business will not suffer. We can also back-up everything to our servers for that extra piece of mind.

VoIP Calls

Our internet telephone service does not require a phone line, instead we offer a far more cost effective solution. Our VoIP calls come with 01, 02, 03,04 and UK mobile calls free of charge, and competitive pricing on mobile and international calls.

local authorites

Are your constituents tired of waiting for a broadband service the rest of us take for granted? Internet access today is as essential to a home or business as water & electricity. Redraw are committed to work with local communities to deliver an effective solution which meets the needs of the community. We will work together to identify the strategy, design a solution and provide the costings. Our products are backed by an experienced team delivering business grade connectivity, underpinned by over 20 years of experience in the industry.

other services include

Whether you require a new domain name and hosting or a virtual private server, IT transit bandwidth, we've got you covered. We also provide Point-to-point connectivity to link to your site anywhere in the UK. We have the longest established and most most far reaching microwave and fibre rural link up in the UK. We run gaming servers! We can also help with Smart Homes and CCTV, IoT and more

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we've been at it longer than most

Redraw have been providing internet solutions across England and Wales for 25 years, constantly evolving with new technologies, we have even developed our own, put simply, we know what works.

Just ask the Extreme E guys at the Jurrassic Prix 2021

A little bit of common sense

Dealing with the Redraw internet team is like dealing with a local company. No call centers, no confusing telephone options or unexpected price hikes – just someone at the end of the phone who will be able to assist you.

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