Redraw Internet

Internet in the City and Countryside

delivered over

Fibre : Microwave : FTTC 

Some days Redraw are bringing internet services to clients like BBC for ‘Springwatch‘.

Some days Redraw are bringing our services to clients like the Production Team of James Bond Spectre.

Redraw Internet is the service behind many festivals such as ‘Glastonbury‘ ‘Knebworth‘ ‘Wireless‘ ‘Bestival‘ ‘Secret Garden‘ ‘Greenbelt‘ ‘Fashion Week‘.

We cover many one day events such as product launches and gaming.

Temporary Internet for Construction sites from day one for security, for architects drawings to the final finished development.

After construction we can supply a permanent connection for the new tenants

Connecting the public sector, financial sector in fact any corporate institutions, or even at home.

We are bespoke, we create time for our clients and as an ISP we can do far more than just support IT requirements in house.

Internet and or private connectivity and other services between two or more building wherever they are.

Redraw Internet ‘Insurance’ is available to corporates and indeed many other companies in the form of Disaster Recovery.

DR is is our USP, dual connectivity Fibre and Microwave directly connected to your premises, in many areas

Two independent routes directly to the internet and multiple data centres here and abroad if required.

Many larger businesses have a fibre leased with FTTC or ADSL backup,  however nine times out of ten, they both enter the building through the same ducting.

When ducting is damaged by roadworks or subsidence  it leaves you disconnected and unable to trade.

So if you leave it to us, to keep you on-line, then you can mind your own business.

We supply VoIP packages come with 01,02,03 calling free of charge, cost effective tariffs for mobile and international, PSTN and ISDN have had their time come over to VoIP now. 

Smart technology, Internet Of Things, we connect them all.

We have been doing this over twenty years and will use any technology available to get the job done,

01803 500009

We may be able to help.

Try our NGA network, become a virtual ISP.

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Internet in the City and Countryside

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