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Access to the Internet is a mandatory requirement for any modern company and any outages can be hugely damaging.

A percentatge of businesses will lose money as soon as their Internet connection drops and this number significantly increases to within after a couple of hours. If there is a lengthy delay of services within the 24 hr period almost all business will feel the financial impact. Internet giants, of course, give themselves some small print ‘wiggle-room’ for these unforeseen circumstances, and that’s fair enough as no one can predict the future.

Most internet providers cannot control external factors that may interrupt fibre connection, whether is has been dug up from a road nearby or perhaps the weather has effected some equipment – whatever the reason, are you and your company protected? Can you afford not to be?

For this reason, more and more companies choose to install a back-up internet connection that does not rely on the same cables as their primary internet source. The technology of choice for a reliable secondary source is usually a microwave connection.  The benefits of having a reliable wireless back-up, to act as a substitute for the primary one reliable one cannot be over-emphasised.

It’s just like having a back-up electric generator except, this one is cheaper and well worth every penny spent on it. When exploring the options of getting a second internet connection, you have to careful not to get one too similar to the first one so when there’s a problem with the first, it doesn’t affect the second. Fixed wireless Internet should be considered as a reliable alternative to the most popular business Internet option – fibre.

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