Redraw Business

Speak to our specialists and we'll help you choose the broadband and phone package to suit your needs.

Prices start at £50 per month including unlimited data with every option. No phone line required.

Business Internet by definition demands the very best in connectivity and we have been providing solutions for business for over 20 years.

Streaming online videos, downloading huge data files, connecting multiple devices, using cloud apps, managing your website and increasing your business footfall and user capability – all of them increasingly apply stress on your download bandwidth. With Redraw Fibre, you can stop stressing about your bandwidth capability.

Our services achieve speed, access, capacity and of course have the reliability to serve multiple users all year round. We are specialists in providing business connections whether in rural or urban locations. Where ever you are, Redraw will get you connected.

Owning our own core network across multiple UK datacentres and rooftops on both Fibre and Microwave gives us a fantastic advantage over many others.

We began the phenomenal journey back in the nineties and once you are on our superfast network, anyone can do business with you with speeds up to 100Gbps.

As a carrier, or ISP or a larger business requiring high capacity connectivity or dark fibre call us today.

If you want to extend into a community, or even a single user at home, over our network, we can help. Get in touch with us and we’ll check to see if you qualify for the Gigabit Voucher Scheme – see below.

Gigabit Voucher Business Success stories

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