VoIP Calls

Communication over IP network significantly lowers rates of phone calls

  • Smart phone access to all calls for when you’re on the move
  • Upgrade your system as your business grows – voicemail, call waiting etc.
  • Access from your computer or tab to route calls and access all functions remotely through your plan
  • Your number will always be the same wherever you are – even from your Mediterranean villa

Statistically, VoIP services have helped many businesses significantly lower costs. For some, local call expenses have been reduced by up to 40% and for international calls by a massive 90%. Your accountants will be pleased.

Better functions than traditional phones

In addition to reduced costs, VoIP also offers a wide array of innovative features that surpass those of a traditional phone line. While listing them all would take several pages, three notable ones are virtual numbers, call routing and improved conference calls.


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