Local Authorities and community action

getting our communities connected

We intend to work closely with local authorities to deliver the promises of a better more widespread access to high speed broadband in rural areas. The funding for infrastructure provision has been won almost exclusively by BT Openreach for Phases 1 & 2. The reason why many rural areas and farms are not being included in these BDUK deployments is because they are too remote from parts of the established telecommunications network.

This is where we can help deliver –

  •  A strategic approach to local delivery
  • Working closely and promoting involvement with local communities
  • Maximise the impact on investment of available BDUK funding
  • Ensure no communities are left without potential access to broadband services
  • Promises made for activating local initiatives by providing local solutions
  • Maintain compliance with all regulations
  • A programme delivery model with feedback measured success factors
  •  Sharing information and experiences
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