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Landlords and Developers Receive The Benefits of having a Redraw Connected Building 

  • Revenue Share opportunities (for ongoing connections)
  • Planning and Feasibility testing
  • New tenants can move in immediately and you can accrue for immediate rent
  • Your property  becomes a more attractive letting
  • No connection delays or extra  charges for tenants or landlords
  • No delays driven by lengthy installation lead times
  • Retain your tenants, additional services can be accessed quickly
  • 24/7 support and 365 days a year monitoring

Offering continuous investment in resource and facilities – Redraw offer a consistent, high level of customer care & support. We assure our clients with complete peace of mind regarding all areas of network infrastructure: from Feasibility, Due Diligence, Design,  Installation, Support, Maintenance, Testing and Breakdown – with a full range of complementary services if required.

Industrial Business Estates and Retail Parks require high speed infrastructure to meet the ever increasing business demands. Fibre to the premises is the primary way high speed bandwidth can be achieved.

Redraw can provide ducting infrastructure design along with Installation & Maintenance of the fibre optic network from the head end to the end user.

Commercial applications can be supplied from a centrally distributed optical signal over a single fibre for over 55 users within 10km radius providing Broadband Internet, VoIP, and Steaming Services.

Point to Point

Based upon standard Ethernet protocol the optical signal is directly fed over a fibre from the head end equipment directly to the property.

Integrated Reception Services

IRS Provide Terrestrial TV, Satellite & Radio over a PON-Passive Optical Network. Now users can enjoy Sky, Free view TV and DAB over a single fibre in the property fed form centralised antenna/dish.

Please get in touch with the Redraw Team for any questions you may have:

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