Rural Location Services


Redraw Internet’s consultancy service will extend our rural internet service to your location, whether it is a community, a village, a hamlet or a business park.
Also Redraw Internet will connect you to the smart generation.
Because keeping you in touch with clients and friends in a rural area is a must.

Farming is impossible nowadays without the internet, speak with us

And making Video conferencing, watching Netflix or Amazon Prime easier
Another is making downloading and uploading files faster and  Gaming, all made easier with unlimited data (large FUP).
We will work with or for you, designing where and how to connect at 100Mbps or even Gigabit speed
Because of our twenty years experience building a network to be proud of comes second nature.
Using existing structures wherever possible to maximise the coverage area for the lowest cost.
Whatever you have in mind call Redraw Internet first on 01803500009

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