No phone line required unlimited data
Prices vary from area to area, depending on how far the location is from the Redraw core network starting at
£30 for max 15mb up and down with completely Unlimited Data
£40 for max 25mb up and down with completely Unlimited Data
In some areas when available we offer 100Mb for £25
Install fee usually £350 but may vary depending on equipment required.
For those who require extra speed we offer 50mb 100mb 1000mb.
All kinds of speeds can be unlocked with Redraw wherever your location, especially in appartment blocks.
Paid monthly in advance on order and subject to a generous fair use policy.
If your mobile signal is poor or you still want to keep a landline we have VoIP with free 01,02 and 03 calls 24/7/365, you can have a new number or transfer your old.
Our service is wireless and does not require a copper phoneline saving you money
Many people are now benefiting from our unique service direct on fibre and microwave from the heart of the internet, across the UK, clients now work from home, saving fuel and reducing their carbon footprint!
YOU could soon be doing just that.
All residential prices include VAT
To find out if this service can be available in your area please call 01803 500009, or email and we will let you know.
We connect residents and businesses virtually anywhere in the UK and beyond.
We also host cloud and gaming servers around our UK Datacentres
We replace conventional lease lines and cut costs for all data video and voice communications.

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