Internet the story of Redraw

The Story

Our wireless internet journey,  began in the last century because we were building and hosting websites.  It was a natural transition to the idea of connecting more people.

We then thought let us combine this with different technologies so eventually Redraw Internet was born.

Since then, with the ever rising demand for data, our network continues to grow.  Sometimes demand doubles in just a few months as the next ‘must have’ device comes along.

For more than twenty years now, we have expanded across England and Wales.  No other private wireless internet service provider has done that.

For the ‘techies’  our core network is Juniper and Extreme on the fibre side, complemented with Netonix and Ubiquiti on the wireless side.

Our fibre and wireless internet network spans across multiple data centres, peering and relay points.  It is available for any ISP to wholesale their services.  This enables them to save on purchasing hardware and hosting space.  Therefore enabling speed to market.

Our virtual and actual hardware is mainly in the UK along with  US and Europe.  Routing millions of packets globally we merely add your virtual network over ours!

We have always been on the cutting edge of this industry, getting the best from wireless and fibre to connect our clients to the world.

Devices that seemed so real to earlier generations watching Thunderbirds or Star Trek, are becoming reality in this connected generation.  The internet of things is here.

Having been at that forefront for so long, installing and maintaining Smart Homes or Businesses is second nature to us.

Our specialist skills and expertise bring internet into the middle of nowhere.  If it is corporate disaster recovery you need in rural or urban situations call us 01803500009.

Our cloud, will allow you to dictate the locality on our network that suits you.  If for instance you want to host your own servers with us, your team can reach them and your data in an emergency.

We can guarantee it will be on our private network and the servers directly connected from your building to ours.  Your data is safe and secure and available 24/7/365.

To compliment our internet and connectivity services we have our own VoIP,  CCTV, Security and IT remote support systems, see if we can help you.

Our unique service of combining fibre and microwave to your premises utilising our same public IP range is still unequalled

Call us 01803 500009 or email

Our local partners and resellers support the national network from north to south, east to west.

Avon Bedfordshire Berkshire Buckinghamshire.

Cambridgeshire Cheshire Cornwall Devon Dorset.

Essex Gloucestershire Hampshire Hertfordshire.

Isle of Wight Kent London Lancashire Lincolnshire.

Manchester Merseyside Middlesex Norfolk Northamptonshire.

Oxfordshire Somerset South Wales Suffolk Surrey.

Sussex Warwickshire Wiltshire.

Wurzel Rade Airefibre Stoddenworld Gigaclear Virtual1 Virgin Media.

These are some of our partners at the forefront of bringing the Redraw Network to you 24/7/365.

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