Rural Internet for you

Living in a rural community where you are unable to receive fast connectivity, or any connectivity for that matter?

If so then we want to hear from you, Redraw Internet have the solution!

Other ISPs have left you with poor connectivity for too long.

Redraw look for communities, businesses and everyone else in-between who suffer from poor Internet Speeds.

We operate a range of cutting edge wireless access products to get you connected!

Many smaller communities in rural area’s are left behind in the battle for ever faster speeds, speak to Redraw Internet.

Mostly this is due to the length and type of telephone cable from the subscribers premises to the exchange.

ADSL and FTTC services require a relatively short phone line to operate at speeds deemed acceptable.

They  work best operating on copper mediums, but copper is no comparison to fibre

FTTC often has long copper runs to the premises so suffers the can still be slow not far from the cab.

FTTP is a great technology, however its proper deployment is very expensive compared to wireless.

Using carrier class wireless infrastructure we can deploy large scale high capacity systems across entire communities.

If you live in a community which suffers from slow or even no broadband connectivity, contact us.


If you are living in a community where there is interest for faster Internet.

Get in touch, if your community has twenty or more, we’d still like to hear from you.

If there is an elevated structure in the area on which we can fix our equipment cost effectively this will he

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