If you are close to our core network our prices are to be found under the various business and residential links, however the further we have to build out the more expensive it can become to get the internet to you, sometimes this can be amortised in a long contract or we can go down the route of most other providers and connect you by FibreToThePremises or FibreToTheCab.

Pretty much most of the copper wires underground and overhead were installed by GPO Telephones in the last century and now by what most people know as BT, underground they run through ducts made from earthenware or nowadays ‘plastic’ and overhead typically still pole to pole.  On these traditional routes,  fibre has been added to allow high speed data rather than just analogue phones, dial-up and ADSL speeds, the fibre runs between exchanges and out to many old green boxes which are being replaced with larger ones that have electricity to ‘light’ the fibre with laser to make it carry high speed data, bringing the faster internet closer to your premises.

Virgin Media (built up from many ‘Cable Companies like NTL and Eurobell etc) have a similar system but whereas BT typically leave the copper wires going into the premises from the green boxes, (new or old), Virgin etc often installed new co-axial cable similar to the old style TV Antenna cable which now carries 200mb into homes rather than 80mb on copper wires and both of these technologies rely on the fibre cabinet being close to you to attain those speeds and as it is expensive to install the more outlying areas will probably never get high speed so it is left to companies like us to infill.

Paying more money or sometimes a Government Grant becomes available that will get that fibre right into your premises but again usually the lucky few and most likely in bigger towns and cities, rarely in rural areas.  Some companies bring their own high speed link to their own green boxes and connect to the existing old copper where BT have not reached but again, this only works if you are close to the cab.

Microwave on the other hand is typically faster and cheaper to deploy, sometimes a bit awkward to get around hills and trees or over buildings when in urban areas but we have done it for nearly twenty years and can supply one house in the middle of nowhere or a Bank in the middle of London, who know the ground is always being dug up for new roads and buildings so like the idea of having a microwave link for when that happens.

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