Fibre and Wireless Connectivity

When you are far from our core coverage area, we will extend our fibre network with wireless connectivity to reach you.

Prices will be found under the various business and residential links.

The further we have to build out the more expensive it can become to get the internet to your village . 

Copper wires underground and overhead on poles were installed by the General Post Office (Telephones) (now BT) in the last century.

These traditional routes,  now upgraded with fibre for the 21st Century allowing high speed data rather than analogue phones.

Fibre cable is made up of strands of glass, wrapped in plastic each strand can carries multiple coloured light waves. 

Each coloured wave can carry at least 100Gbps and for thousands of kilometres

Fibre runs between countries as well as exchanges and out to many old green boxes, replaced now with electrified ones to ‘light’ the fibre strands.

Bringing faster internet closer to your premises, but only to the cabinet, copper still to the premises, but as with ADSL the further from the cab, the slower the speed.

Virgin Media (built up from many ‘Cable Companies like NTL and Eurobell etc) have a fibre network.

Whereas BT typically left the copper wires going into the premises from the green boxes.

Virgin install new co-axial cable (Docsis) similar to the old style TV Antenna cable which now carries 300Mbps plus into homes rather than 80Mbps on copper wires.

Both of these technologies rely on the fibre cabinet being close to you to attain those speeds.

As it is expensive to install in the more outlying areas, they  will probably never get high speed internet.

It is left to companies like us to bridge the gap, which we have done successfully for over twenty years.

Paying more money will get fibre into your premises, now reasonably cost effectively in bigger towns and cities.

However still expensive in rural areas.

Some companies bring their high speed link to their own green boxes, then connecting to the existing copper infrastructure.

This is where BT have not reached, but again, this only works if you are close to the cab.

Microwave on the other hand is typically faster and cheaper to deploy.

Sometimes a bit awkward to get around hills and trees in the countryside and around buildings when in urban areas.

However we can supply one house in the middle of nowhere or an office in the middle of London.

Land is always being developed and that can damage fibre in its ducts.

This is where our Microwave links are the extra insurance you may be looking for.

Gigabit Vouchers help with the install costs when available

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