We have been here since the last century getting you from the Middle of Nowhere to the Centre of Somewhere

BBC Springwatch and Glastonbury 2014 Courtesy of Redraw Internet our connectivity brings you much more

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Going the Extra Last Mile


Rural or Urban Internet, don't forget if our network is near or far we can supply you, in your Business, Home, Marina, Caravan Park, Corporate SME or Residential, you need connecting to the Internet, you may need VoIP, you may need IPTV, you may need Cloud and Web Hosting, you may need Medicare, you may well need a whole lot more, just give us a call. No is not in our vocabulary we have been doing it far longer than most and go the extra mile wherever we can. Once we have you on our high speed network anyone including us can supply you these services

Our Clients range from Rural Communities : Government Bodies : Premier Football Teams : Finance Houses to name a few, with our help they can make informed decisions, we design and supply their communications needs in house so no consultant fees to pay
Because we provide internet connections direct from our fibre and microwave network in urban and remote areas across the UK, having a BT line is not a requirement.

We can help you get the most out of the technology and put your service out in front of the rest in a real carrier class of its own!

If you are a carrier, an ISP or a business with a critical requirement to link your offices with lit bandwidth or dark fibre, and extend into a community, or even a single user at home, we can usually help, as we do with other WISPs like Sugarnet in the Cotswolds and Rade in Suffolk. We have trained their teams from the director down and support them by supplying a wholesale connection at low cost, teaching them about the wireless technology even helping them to deploy their network and host their websites. So if you are thinking of connecting a few rural houses or a whole town let us know


Since 1998, using emerging technologies, we connect all generations of users online, wherever they are and they constantly require more bandwidth. Our unequalled fibre core extended by our microwave technology reaches places never dreamed of. We put the world's internet within grasp at a lower cost than perhaps you imagined.

Don't be put off by any hype you may have heard. NGA open access means our network can bring any ISP to your door without the restraints of PSTN network distance from exchange malarkey! This is our network end to end!

We have the ability to focus on bringing the Internet to areas that in the 21st century are still 'not spots'. Where the large operators deem it is not cost-effective, RedRaw will build an extension to their network. We are a WISP from the ground up and bring affordable connectivity to the end user wherever you are.

If you cannot find what you are looking for on our website, please do not hesitate to e-mail sales@redrawinternet.com or telephone us on +44(0)8458620919.

Redraw Internet
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In Brockhall Village and its surrounding area of the Ribble Valley in Lancashire now boasts over 300 RedRaw wireless subscribers online, using the latest technology as it comes on the market allows us to provide an unrivalled service around the UK.

All of our connections are synchronous (same speed up and down) Our minimum speed as a residential user is typically 6mb 12mb 25mb or 50mb and as a business we can supply 5mb - 100Gb or more.

Blackburn Rovers and Lotus Cars are amongst our many clients

Call Us 08458 620919


Luckily REDRAWINTERNET is registered by the Government and your local Council to provide you with a real Step Change in the speed of the Internet connection to your Business. Up to £3000 is available toward the connection to get you ahead of yourself and others, possibly 30mb up and down if you are in the right area

Postcode list available here

Many know us for our rural networks however in cities we supply many businesses with whatever connection speed they need at the right price! What makes us stand out is that the others are usually reselling whatever BT can deliver over their network which, lets face it was only made to carry 50 volt DC for a phone call over copper or aluminium wires which were wrapped in waxed paper and as it got damp you could hear everything your neighbour was saying!!

Now of course now you want to be in contact with your neighbours across the world their network is at full stretch!!

REDRAW have their own network which runs over fibre and / or microwave to your premises no old copper at all. Any advert you see for fibre broadband is invariably to the cab (FTTC) and then still bacck to copper into your premises!!

Even residential users in many urban areas can have 100mb or even a 1000mb up and down

call 08458 620919 for more info

Older Stuff

BBC Cambridge Folk Festival 2013 connected by Redraw Internet

Dame Norma Major charity cricket match with the Bunburys at Alconbury was broadcast live in conjuntion with Cambs Wireless 13th July 2013

Check out our latest rural networks across the South East via Stoddenworld.com, Camswireless, My Computer Services, DocSoft Rade Digital,and others they have gone from 200k to 20mb in a trice!

Don't forget we do events from a garden party to things like the Cambridge Folk Festival for the BBC amongst others, in 2014 we are again connecting Sonisphere for Iron Maiden, Metallica, Prodigy, Gary Numan as we did successsfully for the Red Hot Chill Peppers concert at Knebworth enabling Internet, Phones and CCTV for the organisers and sponsors

In the 20th century we were first WISP in the country to have our own core network unhindered by distance from exchanges and in the 21st we build on that wealth of experience to connect you wherever you are!

Delivering data and voice across the UK from our core network utilising fibre and carrier class microwave

Check our news page, we may be in your area if not let us know and we'll see what we can do

Our services include backhaul, consulting, designing or building a Wide Area Network for you, anything from a serviced office, a business park or a whole town.

Server Hosting and Virtualisation away in the clouds

You do not have to go it alone, we are always willing to talk, perhaps Franchise, perhaps Joint Ventures or if you prefer just become a reseller!

Bringing the Next Generation Open Access to Life

Annual global datacentre IP traffic will reach 4.8 zettabytes by the end of 2015,by then that will be 402 exabytes per month. Global increase will be fourfold over the next 5 years, that's a staggering compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 33 percent from 2010 to 2015.

Our business ensures your business is part of that traffic


Our latest networks areas are in the Cotswolds, and the South East

and probably much more

Daresbury Park Warrington and its surrounding area is now firmly connected to our fibre and our wireless network working with our partners Marshall CDP we have our own hosting facilities and a 15 metre monopole for site share! Talk to us on 08458620919 Our local technicians will support you and your network

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